GIA Competition & Exhibition, Fall 2014

Exhibition Information/

Date: September 29 to October 5, 2014
Venue: Lobby of HA Building, NCTU

The exhibition is the result of the kickoff competition with 10-day’s intensive work (9/15-9/25) by 13 teams of GIA students. Please join us to congratulate the winners and appreciate all teams’ proposals.

About the Competition

Topic: Home for All Project in Aso (by Toyo Ito)
Keywords: sense of place, elder, wooden structure, hot spring, body and mind healing, home for all, post-catastrophe reconstruction

Competition Chair: Jen-Hwang Ho, Assistant Professor
Competition Jury: Li-Yu Hsu, Stephen Roe, Ming-Hsien Wang

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Admissions 2015 Tier 1. 104學年甄試招生

1st Tier Admissions for Academic Year 2015 Begins

The first tier of Admissions for Academic Year 2015 for the MArch I, MArch II and MS programs will begin accepting applications from October 13 to 16, 2014. 14 positions is open for this tier. Portfolio and recommendation letters should be received by the Admissions Office no later than October 22, 2014. For more information, refer to the Admissions page.

To directly download the Admissions Package, click here: 

Wen-Te Chiang talks about failures of modernist projects. 蔣文德介紹當代建築規劃的失敗案例。

YATalk by Wen-Te Chiang

YATalk by Wen-Te Chiang

The first YATalk of Fall 2014 invites Wen-Te Chiang to give a lecture at 18:30 on Monday, 9/22, at the lobby of HA Building, NCTU-Architecture. Chiang, who practice in London for many years, shares us insights and experiences of the urban review process in UK government and valuable urban planning issues in city development.

Chiang holds MArch from NCKU; Master of Building and Planning, NCTU; Master from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); and is now PhD candidate at Cambridge University. He has practiced in Hong Kong, and offer urban planning and review service in public sector in London. His doctoral research focuses on issues in retail spaces and urban planning.


Happy Hour, April ’14

Happy Hour of this month will be held by MS and MArch II 1st year on 28th April, at 7pm. Accompanied faculties to share stories with us are Prof. Tang from SDE Project the director Prof. Kung.

Happy Hour, March ’14 & SDE Speed Peer Review

Happy Hour for March, which was originally planned on Monday, 3/31, is now on Thursday, 4/3, starting at 6:30PM. This event is curated by MArch I 1st year, along with short talks by invited guests.

There will be a special event at 9PM — SDE 2014 Speed Peer Review. The NCTU Team UNICODE will present online with all 20 teams around the world to share our vision and design toward future architecture, energy and sustainability issues. Don’t miss the great event!

Drinks and desserts will be served.


GIA Exhibition 2014: A Class of General Education on City

The theme of GIA Exhibition 2014 is “A Class of General Education on City.” We hope to share and learn about the issues of the city from the general public through questions and answers provided by participated students. We also present our vision of the future architecture by using texts, images and models, which make them easily understandable to the public and even K-12 students. And we also invite all visitors to express their ideas and speak out for the city.

It’s a class of general education, but not an usual class. We package questions of the city into a container in which models and documents and also voices from the visitors are part of the exhibition.

The issues we concerns in the Graduate Institute of Architecture are diverse, from phenomenas in the city, arts & aesthetics, green & sustainability, to media & technology, digital & interaction. We expect this exhibition to be intuitive and sharable to the public and try to break the boundary of classroom to flatten the relationships between students and teachers. Mutual learning is the key to the future of our great city.

There are five sections in the exhibition: Interactivity of the Light, Skyline of the City, Calculus of the Energy, Formula of the Space, and Sound of the City. Each section starts from simple questions about living then leads to urban issues and environmental sustainability.

Exhibition Information:

  • Time: 09:00-17:30, 2/9/2014~2/16/2014
  • Venue: Solar Building, Delta Foundation (256 Yangguang St., Neihu Dist., Taipei CityTaipei City)

YATalk: Chia-Hua Liu & Stephen Roe

YATalk Lecture Information/
Time: Tuesday, 4/26, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Venue: Lobby of HA Building, NCTU

Speakers: Chia-Hua Liu and Stephen Roe

Chia-Hua Liu

Adjunct Studio Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture, Tunghai University

2002-2005/ MArch, UPenn
1994-1999/ Dept. of Industrial Design (trans. from Physics), NCKU

2010/ Adjunct Lecturer, Tamkang University.
2006-2009/ Front Inc., Consultant for Facade System

Specialized in/
Paramatric Design & Modeling, Algorithmic Design by Rhino Scripting, Facade System, Analysis and Optimization of Complex Geometry, System Planning and Detail Design軟體/

Stephen Roe, M.Sc, Dipl.Arch, B.Arch.Sc, ARB, RIBA

Together with Chiafang Wu, Stephen runs the office of ROEWUarchitecture.

Stephen Roe is a noted young architect and educator who has taught and run an award-winning practice in both the US and the UK. Through his teaching and research, combined with extensive practical experience. he has been at the leading edge of the development of new ways of understanding the intersections between materiality and ideas in architecture.

For more information, contact Miss Yami Tsai at:

Tel: 03-573-1977
Addr: Graduate Institute of Architecture, NCTU, 1001 Ta-Hsueh Rd., Hsinchu City

YATalk One: Chung-Lun Kuo & Chia-Ju Lin

9 young architects will be invited to give lecture in this semester’s Young Architect Talk at GIA on Tuesdays night 6:30-8:30PM from 4/19 to 5/10.

Time: Tue. 4/19/2011, 6:30-8:30PM
Venue: Lobby of HA Building, NCTU

Chung-Lun Kuo

PhD, Dept. of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Tech.

2000-2001 M. Arch. & M. Sc. Arch., University of Michigan, USA
1997 Master of Civil Engineering, NWU, USA
1991 BS of Civil Engineering, NTU, Taiwan

2000 – 2007
Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Kallmann McKinnell Wood Architects
Polshek Partnership Architects

Chia-Ju Lin

Senior Architect, Building Site Supervisor, Taipei Arts Center, OMA

2001 MArch, Columbia University
1998 BArch, Tamkang University