Happy Hour, April ’14

Happy Hour of this month will be held by MS and MArch II 1st year on 28th April, at 7pm. Accompanied faculties to share stories with us are Prof. Tang from SDE Project the director Prof. Kung.

Happy Hour, March ’14 & SDE Speed Peer Review

Happy Hour for March, which was originally planned on Monday, 3/31, is now on Thursday, 4/3, starting at 6:30PM. This event is curated by MArch I 1st year, along with short talks by invited guests.

There will be a special event at 9PM — SDE 2014 Speed Peer Review. The NCTU Team UNICODE will present online with all 20 teams around the world to share our vision and design toward future architecture, energy and sustainability issues. Don’t miss the great event!

Drinks and desserts will be served.