next solar decathlon

Next Solar Decathlon!

Next Solar Decathlon!

We did it in Versailles in SDE 2014. What's next?

(若等不及,可快轉至 10'40" 參賽隊伍介紹)

SDE 2014

Orchid House – for SDE 2014

Orchid House - Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

  • 類型:國際競賽、產學合作
  • 提案階段:2012.09~2012.12
  • 設計階段:2013.01~2014.05
  • 競賽階段:2014.06~2014.07
  • 主持人:曾成德
  • 團隊:交大 TEAM UNICODE
  • 贊助與合作單位:詳見蘭花屋官網
  • 獲獎:都市策略獎首獎、創新獎第二名、能源效能獎第三名、觀眾票選獎第三名
  • 特殊性:台灣首次參賽、歷年亞洲隊伍獲得最佳成績


TEDx Taipei: 年輕力,帶台灣建築走向世界





Happy Hour, March ’14 & SDE Speed Peer Review

Happy Hour for March, which was originally planned on Monday, 3/31, is now on Thursday, 4/3, starting at 6:30PM. This event is curated by MArch I 1st year, along with short talks by invited guests.

There will be a special event at 9PM — SDE 2014 Speed Peer Review. The NCTU Team UNICODE will present online with all 20 teams around the world to share our vision and design toward future architecture, energy and sustainability issues. Don’t miss the great event!

Drinks and desserts will be served.