[:zh]2016交大建築展[:en]GIA Project Review 2016[:]


策展概念 | 這一次,我們從校園「出走」。


  • 「學士後一:Wunderkammer to Toy Museum」
  • 「暫停/逃逸/與暫居風景的並置」
  • 「工具、用工具、造工具」
  • 「開口/攝影博物館」
  • 「形態構築:Animated Casting」
  • 「獨立研究式設計:Visionary Tool」
  • 「交大與台灣義築協會合作成果」
  • 「個人壯遊:走墨MEXIgo」
  • 「異地教學:印度」


「出走」以新竹市區作為對象,邀請市民定義日常生活中的「好」、「對」與「美」,藉此與市民對話, 觀察建築人與市民心中對「品味」的描繪。我們挑選數個呈現某種生活品味或痕跡的空間作爲展場,並與在地社團合作,設計旅遊護照串連都市散步和日常消費,以認識市區之街道巷弄、建築、歷史與生活。


展期 | 2016.02.25~03.21 (2/28國定假期不開放)
週一至週五 10:30 – 18:30
週六至週日 13:00 – 17:00

主要展場 | 交通大學藝文空間(浩然圖書館B1)
校外展場 | 見域亭仔腳、39A Café、江山藝改所、Kinfolk Café、 Coffee Wood咖啡木、I’mmat 小墊子、墨咖啡
>> 展場詳細地址


To review is to see the authenticity of architecture discipline.

To go is to show a sincere care toward society.

We would like to expand our concerns to every part of the city and make the exhibition no longer restricted in a gallery.

We attempt to walk into people and to study the daily rituals.

The NCTU Graduate Institute of Architecture has been found since 2000. There are three programs which are Master of Architecture I (MArch I), Master of Architecture II (MArch II), and Master of Science in Architecture (MS). We focus on the fields of “Contemporary Architecture Design” and “Digital Architecture Design”, and “Trans-Discipline Collaboration”. The 2016 GIA Project Review take place in two sites. The first one is in the NCTU campus and students’ works of the whole semester are displayed. It’s a platform here to share the thoughts of architecture education, arts, technology, and social concern with viewers. The second site of the exhibition is spread in the downtown of Hsinchu City. By “going out” the city, we define who we are, what we can do locally, and realize our social concern.

Through going out Hsinchu City, we invite citizen to define the good and beauty of daily life and propose our point of view. We are interested in the image of taste difference between citizen and architecture society. Spaces with specific characteristics of taste are chosen to be part of the exhibition sites. Collaborating with local cultural society, a city walking map is created for citizen and the visitor to discover the alley, architecture, history, and lifestyle of Hsinchu City.

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Time | 2016.02.25~03.21 (close on the 228 Memorial Holiday)

Mon.-Fri. 10:30 – 18:30
Sat.-Sun. 13:00 – 17:00

Main Venue | NCTU Arts Center (Main Library B1)
Vicinity Venues | Kendama, 39A Café, Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Kinfolk Café, Coffee Wood, I’mMat Café, Ink Coffee >> Check map for locations