10/31 Thomas Daniell 演講

GIA Talk 交大建築系列演講

An Anatomy of Influence: New Directions in Japanese Architecture(影響力剖析:日本建築新方向)

時間:2019.10.31 (四) 7-8:30pm
講者:Thomas Daniell 教授(京都大學建築系)

As the increasing sophistication of design and construction technologies removes almost every limitation on what we build, there is a corresponding need to develop an intellectual and conceptual basis for why we build. Based on close readings of texts, images, and buildings, our research is intended to produce a theoretical understanding and critical positioning with regard to developments in contemporary Japanese architecture, placing it within a wider context of art, culture, politics, and economics. Student output comprises both critical writing and experimental design.



  • 京都大學建築系建築理論與評論教授
  • 京都精華大學訪問教授
  • 澳門聖約瑟大學訪問教授


  • Ph.D. (Architecture), RMIT University
  • M.Eng (Architecture), Kyoto University
  • B.Arch with honors, Victoria University of Wellington
  • B.B.Sc, Victoria University of Wellington


  • 澳門聖約瑟大學建築系主任
  • SCI-Arc兼任教師
  • 香港大學訪問教授
  • 東京大學訪問教授