10/7 Roy Lin Lecture

[YA Talk]

Urban data & location intelligence: Value Proposition for Public Sector, Private Sectors, and General Public

Roy Yu-Ta Lin (MAUD, Harvard GSD)
Co-Founder & CEO, CVI (Civic Intelligence), Shanghai

Time/Date: 6:30~7:30, Mon., 10/7/2019

About the Speaker

Roy Yu-Ta Lin is an architect, urban designer, and urban strategist. Roy holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD). He founded IVC InVisibleCities, an urban research open community, and is now the Co-founder & CEO of Civic Intelligence (CVI), an urban data analytics technology firm based in Shanghai. Having worked across countries for international firms such as AECOM, OMA, frog, and WeWork, Roy gained solid expertise in spatial design, urban knowledge, data analysis, experience design, and design research. Roy excels in tackling cross-disciplinary, complex design challenges ranging from micro to macro scale, from the tangibles to the intangibles.