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The NCTU Graduate Institute of Architecture explores the digital era of global movement through its fields of research on “Contemporary Architectural Design” and “Digital Architectural Design”. The training for research is set up in two aspects:

  • Professional skills in the education of architecture: students of both architecture and non-architecture majors are admitted and it offers a degree in Master of Architecture.
  • Digital design theories: through this the degrees of Master of Science in Architecture and Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture is offered.

“Contemporary Architectural Design” covers the theoretical and pragmatic viewpoints of contemporary architectural thinking and digital architectural design in Taiwan and throughout the world. The teaching and research methods in “Digital Architectural Design” include, since the year 2000, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and t7he architectural theories and practice of new digital media such as Virtual Reality and other interactive technologies, etc. The design works and digital research by the faculties and students of the institute are published in major seminars, magazines, periodicals and exhibitions throughout the country and the world.

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