Master of Architecture II

The group recruits individuals who are passionate about architecture and have completed a five- or four-year bachelor’s degree in architecture. The architectural design studios are held by award-winning architects. Internationally renowned architects are also invited to participate in a one-week workshop that is held annually. Our institute encourages students to take part in international competitions, international architectural exhibitions, architectural tours or project internships, in hope that our students can establish a global field of view and heighten their awareness for the environments. Students are also encouraged to take cross-units courses that are related to digital media to strengthen their integrating abilities in this digital era. The group has been well-known for the high qualities of its faculty and students, with their participation and award-winning achievements in national and international competitions and exhibitions.

Direction of Research

The group is the mainstream of architectural education. The institute strives to nurture leading and talented architectural designers during the digital times in Taiwan.


The structure of the curriculum is a four-semester / two-year program. It is mandatory for students to complete 36 credit points (including 4 courses in Design Studio, 4 courses in Design Thesis). Students’ are required to have their final design thesis assessed by the “Design Oral Examination Committee” and selected as the finalists in nationwide or international competitions in order to successfully complete the program.

The design studios are the core of the program, integrated with lectures on contemporary architectural theory, architecture criticism, architecture history, international design seminars and the integration of digital media.

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