Master of Science

Master of Science in Architecture (MS), a post-graduate degree, accepts students from multidisciplinary background to pursue practical design researches in digital architecture and digital design realm.

The development of digital architecture design started in the 1970s with the emergence of “Computer-Aided Design” (CAD) and 3D animations. It has continued into the 21st century with new digital media such as “Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing” (CAD/CAM), “Virtual Reality” and other interactive technologies. A large amount of these academic researches has been widely employed in the architecture industry across the world. It has become an important topic of discussion as to how to bring the Bauhaus training of the 20th century forward into the 21st century of digital architecture in terms of architectural education and professional practice.

Since 2009, the group has officially changed its title from “the Digital Group” to “the Digital Architecture Group”, adjusting the course from its originally thesis-based nature to a degree that operates with Design Studios as the core purpose of the study. The group recruits individuals who are passionate about architecture and have completed a five- or four-year bachelor’s degree in architecture. The architectural design studios are held by award-winning architects. Internationally renowned architects are also invited to participate in a one-week workshop that is held annually. Our institute encourages students to take part in international competitions, international architectural exhibitions, architectural tours or project internships, in hope that our students can establish a global field of view and heighten their awareness for the environments. Students are also encouraged to take cross-units courses that are related to the digital-media to strengthen their integrating abilities in this digital era.

Direction of Research

The group focuses on the research of the professional practice in digital design, complemented by the teaching and discussions on digital design theories. It is our aim to prepare our students with the ability to move the development of digital design forward in architectural practices in Taiwan and abroad. We also hope to support the research-based students to further their education in PhD within the country and overseas.


The structure of the curriculum is a four-semester / two-year program. It is mandatory for students to complete 36 credit points (including 4 courses in Design Studio, 4 courses in Design Thesis). For those students who wish to complete the program in digital design, it is required that they pass the assessment of the “Design Oral Examination Committee” and to participate and be amongst the finalists in nationwide or international competitions. For those who wish to complete the program with their thesis, they must pass the assessment by the “Thesis Oral Examination Committee”. The three types of programs are as follow:

  • Digital Architecture Studio
  • Digital Architecture Thesis
  • International Digital Architecture Workshop

Degree Planning

For those who wish to pursue their career in the professional practice, upon completing 36 credit points (including 4 courses in Design Studio, 4 courses in Design Thesis), may obtain a degree in Master of Architecture. Additionally, for those who have strong interests in pursuing doctoral research may choose to graduate with a master’s dissertation instead of the design studio course in the fourth semester. The students who obtain the Master of Science in Architecture degree, which is acknowledged worldwide, are eligible to further their studies in PhD programs.

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