Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy in the Institute of Architecture is co-administered with the Institute of Civil Engineering and listed as Group G (Major in Architecture) of the Ph.D. program of Civil Engineering (majoring in Digital Architecture and Creativity). The duration of the study of the program is between 2–7 years. Students are expected to take an examination of eligibility and show that he/she is qualified as a candidate within the first three years of residence. The degree of Ph.D. is awarded upon the completion of graduation credits, examinations, and the approval of the dissertation.

The direction of the research in the Ph.D. program aims at the study of theories and applications of digital media. The program hopes to make contributions to the field of architectural design in general. In recent years, research topics that are related to architectural design and computers have stretched from Design Computation into New Media. Three fields of research include the following: Digital design process and methods, Virtual design space, Digital theory of architecture, and design. The sub-topics of each research field are as follows.

Digital Design Process and Methods

Application of Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Fabrication (CAD/CAM FABRICATION)related technologies to explore the new directions in architectural design and methods. Related research sub-titles include:

  • Free-Form Design & Construction
  • Parametric Modeling and Generative Design
  • Process for Digital Design & Fabrication

Virtual Design Space

Application of VR-Cave and VR Technology related technologies to explore the new directions in the research of architectural space. Related research sub-titles include:

  • Virtual Design Process
  • Cyberspace
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Digital Theory of Architecture & Design

Exploration of the research of new media in architecture and design theories. Related sub-titles include:

  • Cognition & Design Thinking
  • Traditional, Digital & New Media
  • Media Theory & Methodology

Additionally, the faculty and students of the group also explore two other research topics, “Network Space / Information Space” and “Human-Computer Interface / Interaction”.

Despite the direction of research that is stated above is only at an initial stage for the knowledge system of mankind, there is a growing number of universities and research units making developments in this field, for instance, MIT Architecture and its Media Lab, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, ETH Zurich, Delft University, Architectural Association School of Architecture, etc. In the face of such rigorous challenge, the first and foremost priority is to keep the vision for the development of new media in order to catch up and become the leading party in further evolution; the second priority is to recruit the best faculty and students in order to be able to proudly present research qualities and results of excellence.

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