12/9 Hwa-San Kwan Lecture

[GIA Talk]

What is Architecture? How to conduct researches?

Speaker: Hwa-San Kwan
Ph.D. in Architecture, Michigan University
Former Director of Dept. of Architecture, Tunghai University

Time: Monday, December 9, 2019. 19:00~21:00

10/31 Thomas Daniell Lecture

[GIA Talk Lecture Series]

An Anatomy of Influence: New Directions in Japanese Architecture

Time: 2019.10.31 (四) 7-8:30pm
Venue: HA105
Speaker: Thomas Daniell, Professor in Architecture Theory and Criticism

About “Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism” in Kyoto University:

As the increasing sophistication of design and construction technologies removes almost every limitation on what we build, there is a corresponding need to develop an intellectual and conceptual basis for why we build. Based on close readings of texts, images, and buildings, our research is intended to produce a theoretical understanding and critical positioning with regard to developments in contemporary Japanese architecture, placing it within a wider context of art, culture, politics, and economics. Student output comprises both critical writing and experimental design.

About the Speaker:

Current positions

  • Professor, Kyoto University (Japan)
  • Visiting Professor, Kyoto Seika University (Japan)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Saint Joseph (Macau SAR, China)
Onoda Lecture Feature

Yasuaki Onoda Lecture, Nov. 17

GIA Talk Series

Yasuaki Onoda Lecture: Pre-Design Thinking of Architecture—Something Required for Embodiment of Worthy Architecture

Yasuaki Onoda Lecture19:00-21:00, Mon., Dec. 17, 2018
Graduate Institute of Architecture, NCTU

Yasuaki Onoda, Professor
Department of Architecture, Tohoku University

Visiting Professor, University of Hong Kong — 2015
Architectural Institute of Japan, Committee Member (Director of Enterprise) — 2013-15
Good Design Award — 2011
Architectural Institution of Japan Prize for Design — 2003

1963年金沢市生まれ/東北大学大学院 都市・建築学専攻 教授/同 災害科学国際研究所 教授/博士(工学)/一級建築士/建築のソフトとハードを繋ぐ「建築計画者」として、せんだいメディアテーク(設計:伊東豊雄)、横須賀市美術館(設計:山本理顕)、流山おおたかの森小中学校(設計:小嶋一浩、赤松佳珠子+CAt)等に関わる/東日本大震災以降は、釜石市復興ディレクター、石巻市復興推進会議会長、七ヶ浜町復興アドバイザーなど、良質の復興に貢献/近年は、英国の手法を取り入れた質の高いデザインビルド(小田原市民ホール)など新しい建築発注方法開発に注力/建築作品に、くまもとアートポリス苓北町民ホール(日本建築学会賞作品2003)、東北大学百周年記念館萩ホール(公共建築賞2016)(以上、阿部仁史と共同)/著書に『集合住宅の新しい文法-東日本大震災復興における災害公営住宅』(2016年、新建築社)『プレ・デザインの思想』(2013年、TOTO出版、日本建築学会著作賞2016)